Freeze Tech- Clothes That Cool You in the Heat

Imagine clothes that can cool you even when you're sweating in the heat and humidity. Freeze Tech's new technology fabric can actually do that! By embedding cooling compounds in the fabric which activate when you sweat or when the wind blows, Freeze Tech cools you- in fact the more you sweat, the greater the cooling effect.

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Stay Cool During Christmas

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The Experts put freeze tech to the extreme test

Kao Yoshida, Professional Photographer using Freeze Tech Shirt

Cooling Down The Professional Photographer

"In order to shoot the acrobatic movements of the skateboarder, I also need to be active yet precise in my movements. When it's hot, my body and mind are exhausted and my concentration inevitably slows down. However, with Freeze Tech, it's easy to move around in, and it's actually cold as a skin sensation, so it feels good to wear. The stress caused by the heat has definitely decreased."

The Pro Photographer
Issu Takigawa, Warrior/Actress

Issu Takigawa- The TV & Movie Actress & Weekend Warrior!

""When I first wore Freeze Tech, I was wondering how was it different from other sports T-shirts, but when you actually sweat, you can feel the difference. It's especially cold when the wind hits it directly, even in the middle of summer."

Hear From The Actress-Warrior
Masama Kanno, Japanese Football Player in Spainish League

Masama Kanno, Japanese Football Player in Spanish League

"During summer, there are many days when the sun is very hot and the temperature is high and I sweat when I play football so Freeze Tech is a product that I was very interested in.... After using Freeze Tech which absorbs sweat quickly and gets surprisingly cold, I can't stop using it on hot days".

Beating The Spanish Heat

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