Freeze Tech Cools The Photographers

Freeze Tech Kao Yoshida Professional PhotographerKao Yoshida is an active freelance photographer. The passion of Yoshida, who shoots commercial magazines and advertisements, is shooting skateboarders.

"Skateboarding has a lot of charm as a sport, as a culture, and as a subject. It will be an Olympic Sport in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and I think it will be even more exciting from now on. I love skateboarding, and I still make How To books for beginners as an editor".

Mr. Yoshida has been using "Freeze Tech" since last year. It is said that it will be very useful when shooting outdoors, especially when shooting at skateboarding competitions.
"I often shoot at outdoor tournaments, but in order to shoot the acrobatic movements of the skateboarder, I also need to be active yet precise in my movements. When it's hot, my body and mind are exhausted and my concentration inevitably slows down. It's easy to move around in, and it's actually cold as a skin sensation, so it feels good to wear. The stress caused by the heat has definitely decreased. It can also be used as a sunburn protection.