Freeze Tech For Footballers in Summer- Bring On the Heat!

We asked people from various occupations to actually wear and experience FREEZE TECH. We then asked them wheather FREEZE TECH could help a wide variety of people which are constatnly exposed to sun and heat?


Masama Kano started playing football from an early age under the influence of his father and brother. After studying abroad in Spain when he was in the third year of junior high school, he set his goal to play football in Spain in the future.

“I've been trying football in Spanish clubs since 2019, and 2020 was a very difficult season because of the coronavirus, but I was still able to transfer to a new team this season so things are going well so far. During summer, there are many days when the sun is very hot so the temperature is high which makes me sweat a lot when I play football. Freeze Tech is a product that I was very interested in and after using Freeze Tech's shirt which absorbs sweat quickly and gets surprisingly cold, I can't stop using it on hot days.

Would you recommend Freeze Tech?
The best thing is that it's surprisingly cold when you wear it. I've never worn clothes that get so cold. When I wear Freeze Tech’s apparel and get into the shade while sweating or when I enter a room with air conditioning, it suddenly gets cold for me. The long-sleeved inner shirts gets cold even though it has long sleeves and they also block UV rays, so I also often wear the long-sleeved inner shirts because of the strong sunlight".