Freeze Tech Goes To War With Miss Issu Takizawa!

Freeze Tech Issu TakizawaIssu Takizawa, a beautiful and multi talented lady active in fields such as TV, stage and movies. She wants a life that is fulfilling and after becoming famous in the entertainment industry, she started playing survival games

She said: “I thought that my personal life would be fulfilling and after becoming famous in the industry, I started playing and loving survival games.
"During the game, you can see your true nature and even make good friends". She normally wears a Gorka suit during survival games which is a Russian military uniform designed for special forces and regular troops for use in mountains and other windy and cold weather conditions. It is also very popular among civilian use for fishing, hunting, hiking, tourism and other outdoor activities but is not suitable for use in warm regions.”

"When I first wore Freeze Tech, I was wondering how was it different from other sports T-shirts, but when you actually sweat, you can feel the difference. It's especially cold when the wind hits it directly, even in the middle of summer. Anyway, I used to be heavy equipment and muddy in the summer, so I would like to continue to use Freeze Tec" in the future. It's perfect for practicing on  stage too. But if you want, it might be nice to have a cute pink or girlish color ... More specifically, it would be great to have a Russian army partisan camouflage pattern" she said while laughing.